Education Advice & Advocacy

Advice and support for families

On issues such as:

  • School exclusions
  • Special Educational Needs diagnosis & support
  • School transfers
  • Admissions
  • Bullying


We provide an over-the-phone or Skype service that covers all of the UK, as well as face-to-face appointments within London. We also offer practical support with formal appeals and complaints and, where possible, representation and advocacy at school meetings.



Training for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) families and community groups


  • School processes & responsibilities
  • Children’s rights within schools
  • How the education system works
  • How to advocate for your children and other families in schools
  • Effectively tackling bullying in schools

We work alongside local community groups to deliver this training to families and practitioners working alongside GTR communities across the UK.


Training for schools

  • In-depth, relevant cultural awareness training for staff
  • Tools to strengthen relationships with parents from GRT communities
  • Practical application of guidance on community cohesion and parental participation
  • Anti-bullying strategies, specifically around racism

Training packages usually include three sessions, tailored for your school’s needs and organised by the school. This service is available to primary, special & secondary schools nationwide.


Training sessions designed and delivered by community members.


Research and Resources

  • Straight-forward, easy to read guides for families, explaining issues commonly faced within schools
  • Research report on GTR exclusions across the country, looking at each Local Authority area
  • Sign-posting to local GTR community groups
  • Sign-posting to resources for schools to better represent GTR cultures

Currently researching examples of good practise, visiting schools that are examples of how to engage effectively with GTR families. A good practise guide on GTR inclusion for schools is to be published in 2017.

0207 607 2002 or 07949533342