Equality & Social Justice Unit

What is the Equality & Social Justice Unit?

The Equality & Social Justice Unit (ESJU) is a free advice, advocacy and support service for Gypsy, Traveller and Roma individuals, communities and the people who represent them.

Our focus is on avoiding the need to go to court by taking early action.

We can help with such issues as:

  • Education
  • Hate crime
  • Discrimination
  • Complaints against the police

We can give you free advice and work with you to try and resolve the problem.  If the next step is taking the case to court, we will refer you to lawyers who can support you.  We can also act as an advocate and bridge-builder between you and the lawyer, and support you to go to court if necessary.

We are supported by a pro bono panel of lawyers who kindly provide the ESJU with advice and assistance.


How can I access the service?

You or someone you know can telephone or email us about your issue.

If your issue is complex, we may make an appointment for you to come and see us at our office.

If you are unable to travel, we may be able to visit you at home.  This will depend on how busy we are and how far away you are from our office.


Where can I find out more about my rights?

This poster explains your right not to be discriminated again when accessing goods and services, for example, when you are at the shop, the pub or the doctor.

The Traveller Movement runs two blogs on the Travellers' Times website: 'Ask Abi' (about education) and 'Know Your Rights' (about various rights issues).

The Traveller and Romani Advice and Information Network provides free telephone advice and support to parents whose children are in need, at risk or are in the care system.


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The Equality & Social Justice Unit is funded by Open Society Foundations