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2017 media coverage


BBC, 07 March 2017: Reading students apologise for ‘pikey night’ social

Get Reading, 06 March 2017: University of Reading students apologise to Traveller community and neighbours after offensive ‘pikey’ night

The Tab, 06 March 2017: Reading Uni Agric Society issue apology letter to the Traveller community for ‘pikey’ social

Reading Chronicle, 05 March 2017: The University of Reading’s Agricultural Society has written an apology letter to the traveller community

The Sun, 09 March 2017: NOT SO CLEVER Students forced to apologise to the Travelling community after holding ‘pikey night’ where they ‘urinated in gardens’

The Mirror, 08 March 2017: Students make grovelling apology to Irish travelling community after holding ‘Pikey’ social night

The Huffington Post, 09 March 2017: University of Reading Students Forced To Apologise Over ‘Pikey’ Themed Night Out

The Times, 09 March 2017: ‘Pikey’ night students forced to apologise

The Irish Post, 09 March 2017: British university students forced to apologise to Irish Traveller community after ‘pikey’ theme night

Kent Live, 03 May 2017: Radio 1 has apologised after Kent actor Orlando Bloom said pikey live on-air

General Election

Travellers’ Times, 25 April 2017: Operation Traveller Vote launched after snap election

The Irish Post, 15 May 2017: ‘Keep your f****** gypsies’ – Tory councillor Nick Harrington suspended after anti-Irish Eurovision tweet

Travellers’ Times, 05 May 2017: ‘What’s the craic about this election then’

BBC Radio 4, the Today Programme, 22 May 2017: Operation Traveller Vote

Hate crime

Travellers’ Times, 26 January 2017: New funding to tackle hate crimes against the GRT community

Premier, 26 January 2017: New cash to help tackle hate crime against Christians

International Women’s Day

Travellers Times, 21 March 2017: Gypsy Roma & Traveller National Women’s Empowerment Network launched in Parliament


The Times, 03 January 2017: Site provision

Youth justice

Travellers’ Times, 06 January 2017: Demands for inquiry into Gypsy & Traveller overrepresentation in youth custody

Travellers’ Times, 06 January 2017: Kate Green MP speaks out on Gypsy, Traveller and Roma children in custody

Children & Young People Now, 06 January 2017: Labour MP calls for inquiry into overrepresentation of Traveller children in youth custody

Travellers’ Times, 01 February 2017: Government branded ‘shameful’ over treatment of GTR children in custody

The Times, 02 February 2017: Kate Green MP comment: Gypsy, Traveller and Roma children are let down by the youth custody system

Travellers’ Times, 02 March 2017: Gypsy & Traveller campaigners celebrate Government ‘U-turn’ on youth justice

2016 media coverage

Access to Justice, ESJU

Law Gazette, 26 August 2016: Access to justice for Travellers

Butlin’s discrimination

Daily Mail, 13 January 2016: Butlin’s discrimination

Camden New Journal, 14 January 2016: Butlin’s discrimination

Challenging derogatory comments made by Gary Streeter MP

The Irish Post, 18 August 2016: Gary Streeter MP

BBC, 19 August 2016: Gary Streeter MP

Plymouth Herald, 21 August 2016: Gary Streeter MP

Complaint against Jeremy Clarkson

Travellers’ Times, 22 November 2016: TM to challenge Clarkson’s ‘Grand Tour’ racist joke about Gypsies

The Telegraph, 24 November 2016: The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson angers Gypsies and travellers with offensive insurance joke

The Mirror, 24 November 2016: Jeremy Clarkson angers gypsies with insurance joke on The Grand Tour debut

Daily Mail, 24 November 2016: Travellers lodge a complaint against Amazon’s Grand Tour after host joked that gipsies do not insure their cars

The Huffington Post, 24 November 2016: ‘The Grand Tour’: Jeremy Clarkson Angers The Travelling Community With His Latest Attempt At A Joke

The Daily Star, 25 November 2016: One Grand Tour episode in and Jeremy Clarkson has upset gypsies already

The Sun, 24 November 2016: Jeremy Clarkson sparks ‘race row’ after upsetting the travelling community with comment on Grand Tour

Insurance Business, 24 November 2016: Jeremy Clarkson and the insurance joke

Entertainment Daily, 24 November 2016: Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour sparks race row

The Sun, 25 November 2016: 2nd episode

Discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers

RT, 9 March 2016: Discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers

Independent, 9 March 2016: Discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers

Open Democracy, 16 April 2016: Stand against discrimination

Ethnic monitoring in the police

The Independent, 17 February 2016: Ethnic monitoring in police forces

Hampshire Police complaint

The Independent, 2 June 2016: Hampshire Police

London Metropolitan Police inquiry into racist Facebook page

The Independent, 9 January 2016: Met inquiry into Facebook post

The Independent, 2 March 2016: Met told to reopen investigation into Facebook post

Ethnic monitoring in youth justice

Travellers’ Times, 25 October 2016: Youth justice amendments

Travellers’ Times, 08 November 2016: Police Chief backs reform

Miscellaneous Travellers’ Times coverage

Travellers’ Times, 19 August 2016: Report Racism website launched

Travellers’ Times, 24 August 2016: EHRC Divided Britain

Travellers’ Times, 04 October 2016: John Mann MP

Travellers’ Times, 17 November 2016: Traveller Movement’s annual conference

Operation Report Hate

Irish News, 05 September 2016: Operation Report Hate

Asian Image, 5 September 2016: Operation Report Hate

Travellers’ Times, 07 September 2016: Operation Report Hate

Independent Catholic News, 09 September 2016: Operation Report Hate

The Tablet, 16 September 2016: Operation Report Hate

Travellers’ Times, 16 September 2016: Ben Bennett supports #OperationReportHate

Carrick Today, 13 October 2016: Operation Report Hate

Justice Magazine, November 2016: Operation Report Hate

Travellers’ Times, 15 December 2016: MPs call for greater recognition of hate crimes against Gypsyies, Travellers and Roma

Reaction to racist comments by 2016 Apprentice contestant

Daily Star, 28 September 2016: The Apprentice

Daily Mirror, 28 September 2016: The Apprentice

Wetherspoons discrimination case: settlement

The Irish Post, 17 November 2016: Wetherspoon pub chain apologises

The Irish Times, 17 November 2016: Wetherspoon pay out over refused service

The, 17 November 2016: Irish Travellers win discrimination case

Morning Advertiser, 18 November 2016: JDW agrees settlement

Youth Justice

Inews, 29 December 2016: GTR children overrepresented in youth custody

Irish Penal Reform Trust, 22 December 2016: UK: Overlooked and Overrepresented: Gypsy, Traveller and Roma children in the youth justice system

2015 and earlier

BBC Trust:


Eric Pickles JR – we got quite a few mentions in the cases to do with that:


The change of definition proposals:


The Ofcom Judicial Review, again quite a bit of coverage here are three examples:


Zoe Lee Sun complaint covered by Hacked Off:


Jim Davies story:


Here’s our Spectator demo covered on the Institute or Race Relations news website:




James Carver UKIP MEP plugs OTV:

Plus some local coverage from our campaign work:–not-the-only-way.aspx–Comment/Leeds-charity-dismisses-thought-police-claims.aspx