Legal expertise in support of the ESJU

The Equality and Social Justice Unit is as busy as ever. We deliver our legal advice and support services with the help of a number of highly skilled and experienced barristers and solicitors. Without this support the ESJU could not do the range of work it does. Most of these lawyers do this work pro bono – that is without payment. Others are able to help because the client is eligible for legal aid which will cover the lawyer’s costs.


Working in partnership with the community advocacy team the ESJU recently created a number of excellent multimedia information guides and short films with fantastic support and expertise from the pro bono   panel and a number of specialist agencies. These are all free and available to download from our website.



Challenging social media hate speech

Have you been affected by hate crime?

Your rights when you are refused service

When and why the police can stop and search you on the street

Your rights when pulled over by the police


After the initial success of these informative short films, we have continued to share these videos on social media and they continue to be extremely well received and shared by our followers.


Since these films have been circulated, an increased number of Gypsies and Travellers have been contacting our Equality and Social Justice Unit; this is evidence that more and more people want to challenge the discrimination that they have experienced. We believe it is so important that this continues. We have loads more resources on their way…watch this space.