Operation Traveller Vote – The General Election

After the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced a ‘snap election’ to be held on Thursday 8 June, TM swung into action and  relaunched #OperationTravellerVote to ensure Gypsies Roma and Travellers were registered to vote and, most importantly, had their voices heard during this important election.

The campaign was an overwhelming success. The campaign, alongside encouraging GRT people to vote, facilitated various community members appearing in the media. This fantastic coverage included BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, comment pieces in national newspapers and the campaign was also featured in various online media.

To help GRT people decide who to vote for, we also produced a summary of the key pledges in the manifestos on a range of key policy areas and also a ‘key questions card’ which community members were able to use when interacting with candidates.

Thanks to all those who took part in, and supported, the campaign.