Operation Traveller Vote: Remember to vote in the London Mayoral Elections!

Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections 5th of May 2016.

Don’t waste your right to Vote!

What are these elections and why should you vote?

There are many areas of London life that are affected by the work of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly, such as policing, transport, housing, planning and the environment.

The London Assembly acts as the eyes and ears of Londoners at City Hall. It holds the Mayor to account by examining his/her actions to make sure they are in the public interest.

It is important for all Gypsies, Travellers and Roma, living in London, to vote in these Elections so that those candidates and political parties, who support issues important to GTR communities, will be the ones who are making the decisions.

For example, in 2015 Greater London Authority and the current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, failed to spend its £1.6 million Gypsy and Traveller site budget on building more sites.

Because of this failure, the London Assembly housing committee sent a letter to Boris Johnson, to call on the mayor to learn from ‘innovative work’ in places like Leeds and Kent to help provide suitable sites for Gypsy and Traveller communities.


You cannot vote if you haven’t registered before 18th April 2016!

You can register to vote online here in just a few minutes using a simple form. You’ll need to provide your National Insurance number, your date of birth and your address.


How you can vote:

At your polling station

  • If you have registered to vote before 18th April, you will be sent a poll card which includes details of where your polling station is.
  • On 5th May your local polling station is open between 7am and 10pm for you to cast your votes.

By post

  • If you’re a registered postal voter, your three ballot papers will be sent to you about one week before polling day. You must return them so that they are delivered to your council by 10pm on 5 May in the envelopes provided.

Applying to vote by post

If you wish to apply to vote by post, or appoint someone you trust to vote on your behalf as your proxy, download a form from aboutmyvote.co.uk, complete it fully and return it to the electoral registration office at your local council.

New applications for a postal vote must be returned to your local authority electoral registration office by 5pm on Tuesday 19 April, and new applications for a proxy vote by 5pm on Tuesday 26 April.



You will be given three ballot papers when you vote (pink, yellow and orange)

Mayor of London candidates (pink ballot paper)

BERRY, Sian Rebecca – Green Party

FURNESS, David – British National Party

GALLOWAY, George – Respect (George Galloway)

GOLDING, Paul – Britain First – Putting British people first

GOLDSMITH, Zac – The Conservative Party

HARRIS, Lee Eli – Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol

KHAN, Sadiq Aman – Labour Party

LOVE, Ankit – One Love Party

PIDGEON, Caroline Valerie – London Liberal Democrats

WALKER, Sophie – Women’s Equality Party

WHITTLE, Peter Robin – UK Independence Party (UKIP)

ZYLINSKI, Prince – Independent


The London Assembly

Constituency London Assembly Member candidates (yellow ballot paper)

In this link you will find all of the candidates standing for each of London’s 14 constituencies. You will only be able to vote for one person for the constituency in which you live in.

London-wide Assembly Member candidates (orange ballot paper)

You will be able to make one vote for a political party or an individual standing as an independent candidate. You can find the individuals on each party’s list by following this link.

If you need more information about the Elections and how to vote, we at the Traveller Movement are more than happy to help!


Printable version can be downloaded here