Planning & Accommodation

Gypsies and Travellers experience high levels of accommodation insecurity, with approximately 14-20 percent of community members living in caravans being classified as homeless, and often subject to repeated eviction. This high level of homelessness is the result of a national shortage of Gypsy and Traveller sites. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has stated that ‘the lack of secure accommodation for nomadic groups remains the lynchpin of a plethora of other inequalities.’

TM’s policy team conduct detailed research and analysis on how Government  planning and accommodation policies impact on Gypsies and Travellers. TM sits on the Department for Communities and Local Government Traveller Liaison Group and are a leading organisation in guiding and challenging both local and national government.


Sept 2015  Government changes to Planning Policy for Traveller sites

Sept 2015  Note on planning application statistics for Traveller sites

Jan 2015  Gypsies, Travellers and Traveller Sites

March 2012   New Planning policy for Traveller sites 

July 2011       Planning for Gypsies and Travellers: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, but you can improve on it!

March 2011  The Localism Bill and its implications for Gypsies and Travellers



National Accommodation

Aug 2015  Research into Traveller site planning application success rates compared with residential dwellings

Oct 2014  A Place to call home: Ethnicity, culture and planning for Traveller sites

March 2012  Gypsy and Traveller Site Funding under the Coalition

June 2011   Planning for Gypsies and Travellers: The Impact of Localism



Nov 2014 Submission to DCLG consultation on planning guidance for Traveller sites

Sep 2010     Submission to Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry into the abolition of regional spatial strategies

Sep 2010     Submission to Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry into localism and decentralisation


London Accommodation

Oct 2014   Submission to London Assembly Housing Committee investigation into Gypsy and Traveller site provision in London

Oct 2010   Submission to consultation on proposed minor alterations to policy on Gypsies and Travellers in the Draft Replacement London Plan

May 2010  Submission to minor alteration (policy 3.9) to the London Plan

Jan 2010   Submission to the Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London (London Plan)