TM Cultural Competency Training

As part of our Esmée Fairbairn funding, GRT employees of the Traveller Movement are offering free training in cultural competency to schools and parents. This can be tailor-made for teachers or children, from INSET day sessions covering Traveller and Gypsy culture, challenging myths and stereotypes and working with GRT  families to working with children through bespoke lesson plans.



Anti-bullying lesson plan


We launched a new children’s book “I’m not allowed to play with you anymore”, based on the experiences of an Irish Traveller mother that highlights the bullying of Gypsy and Traveller schoolchildren in school. The story ends with the young girl no longer wanting to go to school because she feels like she is not welcome. We are very pleased to announce that since publishing “I’m not allowed to play with you anymore” we have also developed a lesson plan to be delivered in schools. This is part of our Don’t Teach Hate campaign #DontTeachHate. The premise of the book is that children are not born to hate, but are taught to hate. If you are a teacher or parent and would like this training delivered in your school, please contact the education team on

If you would like to order hard copies, please contact us on

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