Domestic & Sexual Abuse Project

Never Going to Beat You

“An important, poignant piece of theatre. It brought me to tears. This script telling stories from the community is incredibly powerful.”

‘Never Going to Beat You’ is a play that threads together the varying and different stories of many women of all ages from the Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities.  The women participated in numerous workshops hosted by the Traveller Movement women’s project with the playwright Jennie Buckman from Giants Theatre Company over a 12 month period to share their experiences.  Eighteen women in total participated in this project at different stages.

Watch the trailer:

Never Going to Beat You – trailer from The Traveller Movement on Vimeo.

Click here to download a copy of the tour notes.

If you would like to get involved with this project, contact or call 020 7607 2002.

Polly Anna Venture – Domestic and Sexual Abuse  Awareness Raising 

All people  have the right to live a healthy and peaceful life; with that in mind The Polly Anna Venture is a  partnership pilot project between  the Traveller Movement and Solace Women’s Aid . The project is named after the heroine in Eleanor H. Porter’s novel, Pollyanna, also adapted into a film; the story of a cheerful orphan changing the outlook of a small town with her positivity.

The Polly Anna Venture has 3 aspects: –

1)    Domestic and sexual abuse  awareness raising  with  service providers and key agencies who are developing services to Travellers & Gypsies experiencing Domestic & Sexual Abuse;  With the aim of building capacity of statutory & voluntary organisations to engage and work effectively with GRT communities.

The Traveller Movement & Solace Women’s Aid recognised a specific need to develop local specialist services, to work with women affected by domestic & sexual  abuse  within the  Traveller communities , including services focusing on awareness training to professionals. As the Domestic Abuse project grew it was recognised that much more needed to be done with professionals and the communities  about the barriers and obstacles the women face and will cover topics such as the issues once help is sought.

 A key performance indicator will be inclusion of Traveller communities in all Race Equality Schemes, and targeted Development Strategies to address the specific needs of the Traveller communities.


2)    A workshop programme over 6 weeks to  women experiencing Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Each week different topics relating to domestic abuse are discussed. Every session attempts to answer the prominent questions that survivors often ask.

The sessions are experiential and include activities such as breath work, a little laughter yoga and mindfulness interspersed with music and quiet reflection to give the women an experience based on the principle that people forget what you say but never forget how you make them feel.


3)    Awareness training for  Traveller women over 5 weeks  with the aim of making them  “Community Advocates ”  enabling them to  support and signpost other  Gypsy &  Traveller women  around the topic of  Domestic & Sexual Abuse within their own communities.

For further information please contact or call 020 7607 2002.