Education & advocacy

We believe it is a human right for all children to access an education and it is essential for institutions to recognise the cultural needs of Traveller communities. Both Travellers and institutions need to work together for a fairer society with culturally sensitive, compatible services.

We train schools on how to work with Traveller communities and provide tools to strengthen relationships with parents. Some of our training sessions are designed and delivered by community members themselves. We also help with anti-bullying strategies.

Additionally we offer advice to families when their children have been excluded or need to receive extra support at school. We support them with admissions and when their children are getting bullied. We also offer parents practical support with formal appeals and complaints and, where possible, representation and advocacy at school meetings.


See more information on how we support Travellers navigate the educationsystem including our training programmes with the education system and share our leaflet.

Since the challenges facing the Traveller community are often complex and multilayered, bringing together a range of skills has helped us to meet some of these needs faster. [EXAMPLE XXXX]

The community forums, which are often co-facilitated by us, are an opportunity to offer grassroots support, advice and advocacy services to community members.

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