Policy and research

Our policy team work in partnership and consultation with communities, organisations and experts in the field developing practical policy solutions that lead to progressive policy change.

Our GRT Advisory Board is made up of Travellers and Gypsies from across the country. It steers the Traveller Movement’s policy work and is the key consultation point for the policy team on a wide range of issues.

We publish research papers and briefings, which help us and other stakeholders to understand trends affecting Gypsies, Roma and Travellers. The work we produce is highly influential and is often quoted in works by officials who formulate policy, as well as in parliament and in the news.

Where relevant, we will also write submissions to government and other consultations to outline how policies affects Gypsies, Roma or Travellers.

We also publish our annual conference report, which documents and celebrates our annual winter conference.

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Policy highlights and achievements

The Traveller Movement lobbies on behalf of GRT communities. In 2017, we successfully campaigned for the 18+1 census categories to be used across the whole of the youth justice estate.

The Traveller Movement keeps up to date with parliamentary proceedings and ensures that GRT issues are discussed and considered in the democratic process. The Traveller Movement worked hard to ensure that the recent Lammy Review
included GRT prisoners in order to bring this issue to light and in to the mainstream.

The Traveller Movement produces highly reputable and credible research across all policy areas surrounding the rights and status of GRT communities, which are widely quoted and relied on. Last year, the Traveller Movement released a ground-breaking report called The Last Acceptable Form of Racism, which shed new light on the discrimination that GRT communities face.