Spotlight July 2020:  Read here

Welcome to the July edition of Spotlight! We’re as busy as ever, but starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Read about our recent events, our policy engagement and our excellent tutoring project. Enjoy and remember to follow us on social media for regular updates.

Spotlight June 2020:  Read here

It has been a very busy month indeed as we continue to respond to the ever changing Covid-19 situation, more information of which can be found on our website.  Alongside this we continue to tackle injustice and discrimination.

Spotlight May 2020:  Read here

We are working from home for the foreseeable future, but we are happy to report that our phone line is now back up and running.  You can now call our office number 020 7607 2002 Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday from 9.30am - 4.30pm

Spotlight April 2020:  Read here

We are now a month in to lockdown and many of us are still adjusting to the current situation.  I'm sure you have heard of all the new survival slogans, so i won't repeat them here.  We've been working really hard at the Traveller Movmenet to adjust and respond to the situation as it changes.

Spotlight March 2020:  Read here

We've reached the first quarter and what a busy one it has been.  In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we advise everyone to follow the governments guidance.  Keep an eye on the NHS website for the most up to date advice.  Stay safe out there.

Spotlight February 2020:  Read here

We've had a busy start to the year and have certainly hit the ground running.  This month's edition of spotlight will give you the latest lowdown on our new criminal justice work, as well as all the latest updates.

Spotlight January 2020:  Read here

Welcome to the January edition of spotlight, our first of 2020

Spotlight December 2019:  Read here

Welcome to the December edition of Spotlight, our final for 2019.  We are still slightly shocked at the outcome of the General election, we are heartened by the surge in public support and solidarity for GRT people.

Spotlight November 2019:  Read here

The wait is finally over!  Our Annual Conference takes place this Thursday.  Registration begins at 9.30am with opening remarks at 10am sharp.  We are delighted to welcome as our keynote speaker, Lord Simon Woolley, the founder and Director of Operation Black Vote, as well as a host of excellent speakers from across civil society

Spotlight October 2019:  Read here

In these times of political turbulence, it is becoming more important that the voices of minority groups are heard.  As a result we have launched our pre-election manifesto for Operation Traveller Vote.

Spotlight September 2019:  Read here

Welcome to the September edition of Spotlight.  We are delighted to launch tickets for our Annual Conference which will be taking place in the Resource for London on Thursday 21st November.

Spotlight August 2019:  Read here

Welcome to the August edition of Spotlight.  We hope you are enjoying the Summer, or what's left of it.  While we are gearing up for a busy September, and before we begin some exciting new projects, we reflect on the goings-on of the past month and the interesting events we attended.

Spotlight July 2019:  Read here

Welcome to the July edition of Spotlight.  We've had a busy month working across key policy areas, arranging high level events and working collaboratively with our partners.

Spotlight June 2019:  Read here

It's GRTHM!! To celebrate #GRTHM we recommend downloading our FREE lesson plans and assembly packs from the twinkl website.

Spotlight May 2019:  Read here

We have been very busy this month.  We held our education round table, we attended many meetings and conferences but, most importantly we are now gearing up to celebrate Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month 2019!!

Spotlight April 2019:  Read here

It's been another busy month for the Traveller Movement.  We visited Finland to present our #OperationReportHate campaign at the 7th International Roma Women's Conference.

 Spotlight March 2019:  Read here

We have been closely following the Government's new draft Domestic Abuse Bill and we are delighted to say that our blog this month is written by Cris McCurley, partner at Ben Hoare Bell solicitors. 

Spotlight February 2019:  Read here

For the last four weeks, we have been updating our skills in various different trainings, taken part in numerous events, conferences and network meetings, and established new exciting partnerships.

Spotlight January 2019;  Read here

Happy New Year from the Traveller Movement team!  We are looking forward to 2019 and have a lot of exciting projects lined up.

Spotlight November 2018:  Read here

This month we are starting to look forward to next year and the long evenings beginning to set in.  We have been up and down the country training key stakeholders, and of course rooting for Scarlett Lee to win the X-Factor

Spotlight October 2018:  Read here

October has been a hectic month as the whole of the TM office geared up to putting on our biggest event of the year; our annual National Conference.  Every year we bring together community members, key policy makers and other important stakeholders in order to promote change and set the agenda for the sector.

Spotlight September 2018:  Read here

In this month's bulletin, we have an update on our work spanning education, criminal justice and human rights.  We also have our first blog post written by a TM member of staff; Jim Davies (Equality ad Social Justice Unit Manager) explains why he's become disenfranchised with the idea of cultural competency being offered to organisations.

Spotlight August 2018:  Read here

This edition features a blog co-written by Brigitta Balogh and Professor Colin Clark, various open consultations and key dates, as well as some key strategic work from ourselves here at the Traveller Movement.

Spotlight July 2018:  Read here

We dedicate our first policy e-bulletin to our dear friend, colleague and long standing trustee Michael Ridge, who sadly passed away recently.  Michael was a life long advocate and campaigner for Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller people's rights.  He will be sorely missed by the communities he served and the Traveller Movement.