About us

Our work aims to advocate for and work with Romani (Gypsy), Roma & Irish Traveller people to tackle discrimination and promote equality

Established in 1999, the Traveller Movement has an award-winning track record in innovative and ground-breaking work using a collective community assets-based approach for addressing ethnic Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller inequality, exclusion and discrimination and promoting their rights

Our Story

The Traveller Movement (TM), formally known as the Irish Traveller Movement in Britain, gained charitable status in 2003 and directed their services towards marginalised Irish Travellers in the UK. In 2008, TM widened their network and services to engage with Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller people.

What we do

We have developed an expertise in tackling local issues whilst shaping national policies. It has become a recognised bridge between the GRT sector, service providers and policy makers, stimulating debate and promoting forward-looking strategies to advance equality, civic engagement, inclusion and community cohesion.

We deliver work in a number of different areas:

  • Research –mapping and collating an evidence base for change.
  • Policy and lobbying –on a wide range issues to ensure inclusion.
  • Campaign- for human rights, equality and justice.
  • Access to Justice –casework, advocacy and support, development of multimedia educational resources on a wide range of issues
  • Community Development –harnessing community skills to strengthen community voice, participation and self-advocacy.
  • Economic Inclusion – creating and facilitating progressive career opportunities
Swirl Background

Strategic Plan 2021 -2026

We strive to identify and facilitate opportunities, harness skills and empower GRT people to directly advocate and address the extreme social deprivation and discrimination many experience by campaigning for a new policy framework for addressing exclusion and discrimination. Read more about our work in our strategic plan

The work you are doing is fantastic
- Webinar Attendee

Gypsy Traveller Roma History & Culture

Romani (Gypsies), Roma and Irish Travellers have a rich and diverse culture that has contributed to British society for centuries

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Who we are

Team Members, Trustees and the Advisory Board all work together to fulfil our objectives

Our Impact

Over the years, our innovative projects have led to noteworthy awards and achievements