My first month as an Intern with TM

Hi, my name is Charlie Doherty. I'm an Irish Traveller from London. On the 13th of July 2022, I began an internship at the Traveller Movement.

11 Aug 2022

by Charlie Doherty, Traveller Movement Admin Intern

Hi, my name is Charlie Doherty.  I’m an Irish Traveller from London.  On the 13th of July 2022, I began an internship at the Traveller Movement. 

I heard about the Traveller movement through Father Dan [The national chaplain for Travellers and Gypsie’s] who I have known for many years, When I heard they had an internship available I was very keen to get involved as I am an Irish Traveller myself. 

I plan to study business come September so I thought that gaining basic admin skills, policy experience and learning how a charity works in regards to funding and networking would be invaluable to my future in business. Some of which I will be doing in the upcoming Traveller Movement Conference in which I will be partaking in a discussion about Traveller Education and employment. 

I also have an interest in politics [Although I am yet to decide with which political party, I align myself with] because Travellers and Gypsie’s have little to no representation in British politics, especially in parliament and also because business and politics are directly linked and have practical transferable skills that run both ways. It’s important to me that I gain experience in both fields because I feel in order for me to be a good Business man and/or Politician I would need an in depth understanding of both. 

As you can tell I have a few different ideas for my future and I’m still trying to figure out what specifically I want to do with my life but with the help of the Traveller Movement and the different opportunities they are presenting to me I’m sure I’ll figure it out.