Seyi Obakin OBE, Chair of Youth Futures Foundation

We are delighted to have Seyi Obakin OBE, Chair of Youth Futures Foundation join us as Keynote Speaker at TM's Annual Conference; Future Voices!

19 Oct 2023

At Traveller Movement’s 2023 conference, ‘Future Voices’ will celebrate the diversity of Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller youth and community. While the UK is experiencing multiple interconnecting crises, we must keep moving forward and commit to creating better outcomes for the next generation.

By creating intergenerational dialogue and focusing on opportunity and access, we can build a brighter future.

To address the profound challenges ahead, the 2023 Traveller Movement conference will bring together key policymakers, passionate advocates, motivational business leaders and inspiring young people to consider the relationship between education, opportunity, and access withinGRT communities specifically.

From panel to workshop, the guiding thorough line of ‘Future Voices’ is identifying how we support and empower the next generation. During economically and politically trying times, it is easy to feel like there is no way out, but we want to draw attention to the light at the end of the tunnel. This year our conference brings together an inspirational cohort of diverse, intergenerational voices. Through a network of support, Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller youth can be empowered to seize new opportunities and make politics work for them.

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