Volunteers Week 2022: Traveller and Gypsy Recipes and Tips

Nanna Varey is a Romany Gypsy and one of our great volunteers at the Traveller Movement. She is an admin for our Traveller and Gypsy Recipes and Tips Facebook group and has written about her experience as a volunteer with us and the impact it has made

03 Jun 2022

By Nanna Varey, Traveller and Gypsy Recipes and Tips Admin and Traveller Movement Volunteer

Hi, my name is Nanna Varey. My family and I grew up quite poor. My day would start by setting night lines that would catch fish for us. My mum was very good at making something out of nothing. She was a wonderful cook and she always made the best bread and cakes. I learned the love of jam making from her.

I found the Traveller and Gypsy Recipes and Tips Facebook group during the first lockdown and quickly noticed how supportive the group was. It was like one big family. After some time, I was invited to become an admin for the group, which was a huge honour for me. It was through this work with the Facebook group that I then became a volunteer for the Traveller Movement, which was again a huge honour. I like to think that I am a valuable member of the wonderful team!

Through my volunteer work, I see more and more how the group has become a big part of folks’ lives. We laugh and we cry together, while I am only ever an inbox away. I often help folks with anything from recipes to a shoulder to lean on in sadder times. I would really recommend volunteering with the Traveller Movement, a really supporting and caring team.

For Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month 2021, the Traveller Movement produced a cookbook filled with recipes from the members of the Traveller and Gypsy Facebook group. It also features Nanna’s recipe for Damson Jam. You can buy the recipe book here