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We will have all the latest news, events and local talent and artistry! We will be keeping this page updated so please check in and keep an eye on all that is happening in your area! Are you aware of someone in the community who deserves a mention?

Latest News and Updates

Upcoming events

December 2023

Policy Webinar: Criminal Justice & ETE Needs External Link Icon

A policy webinar to discuss opportunities for policy reform in criminal justice to improve outcomes in employment, training, and education


Online Launch: Pre-Sentencing Toolkit External Link Icon

The Traveller Movement will be hosting an event to launch a Pre-Sentencing Toolkit: Fair Sentencing for Romani, Roma and Irish Travellers.


Policy Webinar: Leading the way in Inclusive Skills Training External Link Icon

Hear from those leading the way in ensuring that we have an inclusive workforce for all our young people

Art & Music

Elijah Vardo Etsy

Elijah is a Romany artist and has a series of prints and pins for sale

Thomas McCarthy Folk

Thomas is an Irish Traveller and traditional singer from Co. Offaly

Swirl Background

Stop Shaming

After producing a report about shaming we are now, together with Gypsy and Traveller individuals, launching a #StopShaming social media campaign. 

70% of the Gypsies and Travellers who responded to our survey had experienced shaming or ‘scandalising’ from their own people. The high suicide rates in Gypsy and Traveller communities have been partially explained by this internal shaming.  

In the campaign, Gypsies and Travellers are appealing to their own communities ‘to stop shaming to save lives’. You can follow the campaign on our various social media platforms.

For more information and details, please contact

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