Our Values and Guiding Principles

Our core values are intertwined with our vision & mission to achieve the best outcome for Romani (Gypsy), Roma & Irish Traveller people

Values and Principles

The values that underpin our work, address structural inequality, the root causes and symptoms of poverty, racism and exclusion. They are based on the guiding principles of equality, human rights, social power and justice, positive action, participation, empowerment

  • We believe that discrimination is wrong
  • We are opposed to racism in all its forms
  • We value and promote diversity
  • We believe in equality of access to services and in equality under the law
  • We value and promote self-determination, believing that individuals have the right to make choices about issues affecting them
  • We endorse the Declaration of Human Rights
  • We value the Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller identities and cultures
  • We work in partnership with ethnic Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller people

Our Vision

A world where ethnic Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller people are fully recognised and respected as minority ethnic groups; are proud and confident in their cultural identity; and are able to reach their full potential

Our Mission

To contribute and create opportunities to aid systemic change that leads to an improved quality of life for all GRT people. Amplify the voice of GRT people through self-determining processes and their proactive participation in influencing and shaping policy and practice