Swirl Background

01 Jan 2014

This year’s conference looked at the:  

opportunities for young Gypsies and Travellers in accessing training and employment and examined what role models there were within the communities; investigated how Gypsies and Travellers are portrayed in the media and how we can challenge inaccurate and discriminatory coverage; asked whether the Government and Local Authorities understand, acknowledge and recognize Gypsy and Irish Traveller ethnicity in the planning system; looked at whether Gypsies and Travellers are accessing talking therapies and getting sufficient support in relation to bereavement and mental health;  assessed the impact of insecure accommodation and the living environment on Gypsies’ and Travellers’ health; how the Government and organizations can address the high incidence of child poverty within these communities; what needs to be done to improve community engagement and voter registration among Gypsies and Travellers and how we can all work better together to address these issues. 

Conference Report 2013

To read more about the Traveller Movement Annual Conference 2013, please download our PDF
Conference Report 2013