January 2022 - December 2022

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Reading Chronicle:  Carr’s distasteful holocaust joke calls for new streaming laws

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Alloa Advertising:  Carr’s deeply disturbing joke a matter for Netflix

MetroJavid calls for Jimmy Carr boycott

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The National News:  Comedian condemned for abhorrent joke

The National Scotland:  Carr faces backlash for disturbing joke

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Independent:  Jimmy Carr condemned for truly disturbing joke

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Metro: Jimmy Carr’s holocaust joke sparks petitions

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Metro:  What it’s like to be a Traveller today

MSN News:  Call for GRT History to be included in curriculum

PA news via Yahoo:  GRT families upset by Carr joke, MPs told

BBC News:  What’s happening in Parliament?

Metro:  It wouldnt surprise me if neo-nazis made the same joke

LBC:  LBC radio interview with Natasha Devon

LBC:  LBC radio interview with Eddie Mair

Teeside Gazette:  You wouldn’t say it about another group

Travellers Times:  We need to ensure that Gypsy and Traveller prisoners have equal access to rehabilitation

Respect Newsletter: Domestic abuse good practice guide featured

Faith and VAWG Coalition Newsletter: Domestic abuse good practice guide featured

Paste: How Romani Gypsies Are Cooking Up Resistance in the UK – recipe book & food group featured

Morning Star: Ignorance and stupidity in the name of comedy

Travellers Times: Domestic abuse guide for services offering support to GRT survivors launched 

Travellers Times: Traveller Movement launches report in parliament aimed at improving the educational outcomes of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils

Mirage News: ARU signs GRTSB pledge

The Guardian: Pontins under investigation over treatment of Travellers

I News: Pontins blacklist of Irish surnames to keep Traveller families out of holiday parks triggers EHRC probe

Burnham-On-Sea: Pontins under investigation over alleged discrimination of Travellers

The Times: UK resort Pontins faces legal notice over claims of discrimination against Irish Travellers

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