Jan-June 2021

BBC Website: Drag Race UK’s Cherry Valentine on the ‘fabulous’ Traveller women in her family who inspire her drag

Traveller Times: Charity set to challenge Royal Mail over postal delivery to Travellers failure

Guardian: Welsh council under fire over Covid restrictions at Traveller site


Daily Post Wales: Travellers ‘imprisoned’ at North Wales caravan site during Covid outbreak

Independent: Pontins blacklist of people with Irish surnames ‘completely unacceptable’, says prime minister

Inews: Pontins used blacklist of common Irish surnames to keep Traveller families out of holiday parks

Guardian: Secret Pontins blacklist prevented people with Irish surnames from booking

Journal.ie: Column: ‘Pontins only achieved such rapid notoriety because it targeted common Irish surnames’

BBC website: Pontins used ‘undesirables list’ of Irish surnames

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Irish Central: Pontins blacklist

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The Guardian: Voter ID Bill will impact minority ethnic groups

Channel 4 news: Pontins targeted Traveller community by blocking bookings from people with Irish surnames

ITV news: Pontins used list of ‘undesirable’ Irish surnames to block bookings from Travellers

Doncaster Free Press: All the surnames listed as ‘undesirable’ by Pontins to block guests booking holidays – the full list

The Guardian: Irish Travellers say UK blacklist a ‘campaign of discrimination’

LBC: Pontins used ‘undesirable guests’ list to exclude Gypsies and Travellers, whistleblower reveals

Russell Webster: Gypsy Roma and Traveller women in prison

Justice Gap: Campaigners call for cut in harmful short-term sentences

Al Jazeera: In historic first, Roma included as ethnicity on UK census

Inews: Irish Travellers racially abused following Dispatches programme

Russell Webster: Women in prison briefing

Guardian: Removal of Traveller camps pledged in Tory Facebook campaigns

Birmingham Live: Travellers are back at Sutton Park after previous site has ‘barricades’ put up

Daily Mail: Market town ‘in a state of panic’ as ‘Pentecostal’ festival with 1,500 travellers descends into chaos with ‘drag racing, looting’ and anti-social behaviour

Independent: Charities call on Tory MP to resign over ‘extremist’ remarks about Travellers