Welcome to our youth page! Here you’ll be able to find information and support on education and employment, as well as useful information on what we’re currently doing at the Traveller Movement.  

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“The Traveller Movement really helped me in my professional journey. I started as an intern and have gained valuable skills that I can use in the workplace and in life."
- Irish Traveller, Male, Aged 20


Find information to help make the most of education.


This is where you can find information that will help you find work.

Youth Advisory Group 

Our Youth Advisory Group is a group of Irish Travellers, Romani Gypsy, and Roma young people aged 17–25 who advise us on a wide range of topics including our youth employment project based on their own experiences in employment and training. The role is part of our Youth Futures Foundation funded ‘Reaching Out’ project to create more and better employment and training opportunities for young Irish Traveller, Romani Gypsy, and Roma people in the UK.  

They also attend and participate in our Connected Communities events, helping plan the events and hosting and speaking in them. This is great for the development of their skills and building their confidence while public speaking. 

If you would like to join the Youth Advisory Group, please email youth@travellermovement.org.uk  

Internship Programme 

Our Internship Programme helps people who are looking to increase their professional skills. Irish Travellers, Romani Gypsy’s and Roma aged over 18, who are literate and who wish to develop experience and skills towards professional employment in the third sector and elsewhere, can apply. Interns can be undergraduates, graduates, or students in or seeking third level education. Adult Travellers seeking to develop or return to a professional career may also apply.  

Interns can take on roles such as finance and administration, project or group development, social media, policy, and representation, depending on what they are looking for. 

Please complete the application form and send it, along with any queries, to info@travellermovement.org.uk 

Open Roads Opportunities (newsletter) 

Open Roads Opportunities is our new monthly newsletter that will showcase job opportunities, networking opportunities, education opportunities, and more. Stay tuned for updates. 

ORO aims to inform, support, connect and empower community members to find opportunities.  

Sign up to receive the full newsletter by clicking here  

Youth Manifesto  

Our Youth Manifesto will be a written declaration of what young Irish Travellers, Romani Gypsy’s and Roma want from the next government regarding economic inclusion in the run up to the next general election. It will then be presented to all major political parties in the UK to let them know what you want and need. 

Our Youth Broadcast Network is a way for Irish Traveller, Romani Gypsies and Roma, aged 16–25, to give their opinion on our Youth Manifesto. It’s all done over a WhatsApp broadcast where members of the network will be asked questions about the manifesto as it’s being developed.  

To join our network, click here to fill out our application form. 

Open Doors Education and Training (ODET) 

Open Doors Education (ODET) is a Community Interest Company that does a lot of close partnership work with the Traveller Movement. They provide young people with access to flexible, one-on-one online tutoring in Maths and English. Our online format has been carefully designed, and we offer support every step of the way.  

This is so young people from Irish Traveller, Romani Gypsy and Roma backgrounds do not fall behind their peers. 

You can Apply for the ODET program here  

For any information about these projects, email Youth@travellermovement.org.uk