The #Cut It Out campaign is a joint initiative between the Traveller Movement and Rene Cassin aimed at tackling hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric in politics against ethnic minority or religious groups.

Research has shown time and again that racist or derogatory language by politicians against minority groups can lead to a spike in hate crimes, while racist and irresponsible reporting in the media can lead to a backlash against all community members. This is unacceptable. We are working with Rene Cassin to challenge this and instead promote inclusive and value-driven language.

Read the Traveller Movement and Rene Cassin’s joint manifesto on the aims and objectives of the campaign.

Read the Traveller Movement’s position paper on Anti-Gypsyism

Ask your politician to sign the pledge

It is simply not acceptable for politicians to use racist or discriminatory language when discussing minority or religious groups.

Your elected representative has a duty to represent all of their constituents, from all backgrounds.

Contact your local or national politician and ask them to print and sign the pledge.

Don’t know who your MP is? You can find them here

Ask your politician to take a picture of the signed pledge, and post on social media using the hashtag #CutItOut

Or, ask them to copy and paste the below text into Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #CutItOut:

As a parliamentarian, I pledge to:   

  1. Stand for a society that is open and celebrates diversity
  2. Promote respectful language in my work
  3. Call out those who use stereotypes and prejudice
  4. Cut it out

Suggested tweets:

@ _MP, please sign the #CutItOut pledge, and show your support for ending hate speech in parliament against ethnic minority and religious groups #CutItOut

@_MP, please sign the pledge, and call out other MPs who use racist or abusive rhetoric. Show your support for ending hate speech in parliament #CutItOut

Support the campaign on social media

Social media is a powerful way to spread the message of the campaign and to help get wider public support.

Posts with photos on Twitter and Facebook get shared the most, so to help get the campaign as much attention as possible by using the image above to share on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Please encourage as many of your friends, family and colleagues as possible to do the same!

Use our tweet template to copy and paste messages of solidarity with Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller communities on social media

Another good way to get a message out there on social media is to send tweets to people with large followings, such as celebrities and politicians (Councillors and MPs) and asking them to have their photo taken with the #CutItOut poster above.

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